Your noisy car doesn’t necessarily need a new muffler, but it does need our free exhaust system inspection.

Other indications of possible exhaust problems are a roaring sound, sluggish power and poor acceleration when you step on the gas pedal.


When you come to us, one of our exhaust professionals will show you what is needed to correct the problem that corrosion, time and rust have caused. As well, we can easily handle any custom pipe bending or specialized exhaust requirements you may have.


Your car’s system – exhaust pipe, catalytic converter, extension pipe, muffler, connecting pipe, resonator, tail pipe, clamps, flanges, gaskets and hangers – reduces noise and conducts dangerous engine gases to the rear of the vehicle. To ensure your personal safety and vehicle performance, be sure your exhaust system is in good working condition.


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We had our vehicle in for a diagnostic following a failed emissions test. The staff were professional and efficient. Work was completed on time, as promised.