drivecleanDrive Clean on Board with Better Technology

Ontario’s new Drive Clean test is faster, more accurate and better at protecting our air.


Our on-board diagnostic or “OBD” test works on most light-duty vehicles in Ontario from the 1998 model year and newer. These vehicles have an on-board computer that monitors the engine and emissions system during everyday driving conditions.


The new test reads the emissions information in your vehicle’s computer. It can detect problems that often lead to poor performance, high emissions or poor fuel economy.

If your vehicle was recently repaired, or if the battery was disconnected, the information in your vehicle’s built-in computer might not be readable, and the test might not be completed. As a result, you’ll have to re-take the test and you could be delayed in getting your licence sticker.


A day or two of normal highway and city driving will usually reset your vehicle’s computer and ensure it’s ready for the Drive Clean test.


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Note: 1988 to 1997 model year vehicles require a different test.

Better Results, Cleaner Air

The new OBD test is faster than the old tailpipe test. It’s better at identifying vehicle emissions problems and helps make repairs more accurate and effective.


The new OBD test is 20 per cent more effective in reducing pollutants than the previous test.


When your car drives as cleanly as it was designed to, it’s good for the environment. It is also good for you. Your vehicle will get better gas mileage, improved performance and an extended engine live.


That’s worth getting on board with OBD.

About Drive Clean

Drive Clean, Ontario’s mandatory vehicle emissions inspection program, plays an important role in keeping our air clean. Poor air quality is a public health concern, particularly for children, the elderly and people who have respiratory challenges. What’s good for your car is good for everyone’s lungs.


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