A bumpy ride, poor braking control and uneven tire wear are all signs that you could have a suspension problem.

If you notice any of these signs, you should talk to us.


One of our shock and coil spring experts will fully examine your vehicle’s suspension before correcting the problem.


Shock absorbers are used at each wheel to hold your car on the road and to control the bouncing motion caused by the suspension system as it responds to road conditions. The function of your vehicle’s shock absorbers and coils is to give you a smoother ride by reducing road shocks and bumps while your drive.


Front suspension systems are usually comprised of coil springs, shock absorbers, torsion bars or struts. Rear suspensions use either struts, or shock absorbers and coil or leaf spring systems.


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Nice honest people and very helpful. I just moved into town several months ago so its nice to find an honourable business to deal with.