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Feedback & Testimonials

Your Opinions Matter To Us

We believe you deserve the very best. The best quality. The best service. And advice you can trust. It has been this way since The Mufflerman opened its first Canadian owned and operated location back in 1964. If you have a question or concern about your experience online or at one of our locations, we’d like to hear from you.

My interaction with The Mufflerman was due to the requirement for an e-test. Booking an appointment the day before, I arrived a 9AM and was done in less than 15 minutes, which included at least 5 minutes of conversation with Mike. He was very genuine, sincere, and personable, which are not traits I find in most Sarnia-area retail/service industries. He spoke highly of The Mufflerman’s integrity to its customers, and demonstrated this through his actions in the short time I was in the waiting area.

I decided to try Mufflerman as I have had very good service in the past. They have always showed me what they were going to fix and have always been fair with their prices. The manager had a mechanic named Jason look at the car. He took a short test drive and was the only one to put the car on a hoist. In a very short time, he showed us our car on the hoist and pointed out exactly what was making the noise. It is a small transfer box below the steering column that is problematic in GM cars but never a safety concern. He said they could fix it but in a couple years it would be making the same noise again. Jason said it was a love car, a safe car, and to drive it with confidence. There was no charge and we could not have been happier. We will continue to take all of our vehicles to the Mufflerman and want to let you know all that word of mouth travels a long way.

The way he handled customers was absolutely the best I have ever seen. He took time to listen, answer questions, and explain… even drawing pictures for a number of customers to help them understand what they needed… seemed like he really cared that the customers understood how the parts worked, what was wrong and what were the options for fixing it.

I went there to do a fix where I had already bought the part and just needed labour. I expected it would take a while so I headed to a nearby place to eat. Just as the food arrived, they called to say the work was already done. They charged me 30 minutes labour, instead of a larger time period that I was expecting. They will be seeing me again next time.

Their professionalism, service, and just general courtesy was outstanding. These are the same reasons we have dealt with the Mufflerman in Stratford for so many years, both personally and in our business. In this day and age it is refreshing to see that QST still exists, even for people that are just passing through. Please pass on our thanks again to the staff at the Chatham location, and let them know they are appreciated.

I have had just a great time dealing with Woodstock Mufflerman. Bill has a great crew working for him. I go in there to get all my work done and have found he will not allow unneeded work to be done. I do have great trust in Bill & Dana to get the job done right the first time and at a good cost.

I am a 72 year old man and have never written to any company about anything. I thought my comments regarding the service at the Cambridge Mufflerman could not pass without a word on the service once again from Bob Campbell. I have known Bob for many years and dealt with him for much of that time. Never once have I received negative service. Starting when you walk in the door has there ever been a moment that was never has there been a moment that was negative. From the greeting, to the service, to the conversation while you are waiting, there has never been a bad moment. I would like to commend Bob and his staff for the continued excellence of service that they give.

About a month ago, I had an exhaust system, e-test, and EGR valve replaced at your Brantford shop. Price was good! The car seemed OK at first, but when driving home to Puslinch, it began acting up. Took it back the same week. I was extremely impressed with Abe Wall, acting manager at that time. They found the used EGR valve had cracked, replaced it within minutes, and charged me nothing! Because of Abe’s strong management skills and decision-making abilities, I will be going back when needed, and telling others!!!

I have been dealing with the Mufflerman in St. Thomas for the past 6 years and they are absolutely fantastic. Brian and Kevin are so good to me. They go far beyond what would be expected and I am very appreciative. They deserve a big pat on the back for giving the best service I have ever had at any public service facility. I will not take my vehicle anywhere else and I always tell the rest of my family to go there as well. I would ask that you recognize Brian and the rest of the guys at the St. Thomas Mufflerman for their outstanding customer service and personal touch they give to their customers. You have a great team at this location.

I am a 30 year old on a tight budget and an old vehicle. I had visited a few different Mieneke and Napa and was treated like garbage. This morning, at the Mufflerman, Shawn had my car on the hoist in the blink of an eye, was understanding of my budget situation and fully explained everything to me and quoted me $100 better than competitors. To top it off, my vehicle was completed within 40-45 minutes – great service, made my day!

On a hunch, I dropped into The Mufflerman last Tuesday. I had just come from the Nissan dealer on Wharncliffe where I was told that I needed an exhaust clamp replaced and the charge would be $169. As it turned out, Nissan didn’t have a welder available so I would have to come back for the work. As I drove up Wharncliffe, I decided to stop into the Mufflerman. The service manager said they would have a look at it and 5 minutes later, much to my surprise, he tossed me the keys and said “Have a nice day – no charge!” This should be a lesson in customer relations for others – Nissan for example, where I waited half a day to find out I needed a new exhaust clamp and only voided being overcharged because a welder was not available.

I have dealt with this shop a number of times and am impressed with their honesty, competency, professionalism, and overall great service. Never have I felt I have been “taken” and had unnecessary work done. And on top of all that, the shop, both inside and out, always looks great. Well done!!!

I am a repeat customer at the Stratford store, due to the courteous, professional work and advice from the staff. I always expect and receive the best service.

I came in a few times throughout the week to get some updates and some knowledge about what had happened to my Jeep with the specific list of repairs and a guy named John also helped me understand what he was working on and how it works, and what he had done to fix the problem. Leo at the front desk had explained a few things too and spent more time with me than anyone from other garages had done. Basically I wanted to get across with those examples is that their engagement with me and time and care they took with me and my Jeep was great and I felt taken care of and also feel I have developed trust in an auto garage.

I would like to pass on my sincere thanks to Ron who works at the Highland and Westmount location. What I thought would be a fairly expensive repair turned out to be a $75 repair. I respect the honesty of your shop and the professionalism that your employees provide to their customers.

The staff at Mufflerman Dundas East ALWAYS treat me with respect, explain in detail giving options, tell it like it is, and no one ever seems to be in a bad mood, and we all have them, which makes me think they must all truly enjoy working there. I have never driven away disappointed, frustrated, or unsatisfied. I would just like to pass this information along as it would be a shame not to mention it.

You can be sure I am more than satisfied with the service I received, they both addressed me by name, and my bill coming out to exactly what they quoted me. This is the kind of service you rarely see in a garage. They deserve a commendation. And I will be sure to tell all my friends and family about the great service they provided.

Thank for the great service you and your staff provided to my daughter! The front brake job was done quickly and they work great! We will be back!