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Keeping you safe

Whether you are buying or selling a used car or about to take a long trip to the east coast, The Mufflerman understands the importance of keeping you and your passengers safe. To protect you and for peace of mind before purchasing a vehicle, The Mufflerman can provide you with a low cost pre-inspection.


A pre-inspection can determine if your car, suv or truck is safe to drive as well as catch problem areas before they have a chance to develop into something more serious. You can buy and register a vehicle without a Safety Certificate, but you cannot put your own plates on the vehicle or drive it without one. 
At The Mufflerman, all of our Ontario locations are licensed by the Ministry of Transportation and can issue a safety standards certificate, provided your vehicle passes an inspection. 
Thanks to our training and experience, we inspect your vehicle for any potential hazards and will offer expert advice on how to correct these issues to not only pass and obtain the Safety Certificate but to also help keep you safe. Often, drivers don’t think of their vehicle’s safety until there is a problem, and, by then, it may be too late.
The Mufflerman safety inspection covers 12 items on the exterior of your vehicle, 19 on the interior, 22 on the underbody and six under the hood. The inspection also checks your brakes and tires, two things critical to your safety. The Mufflerman’s exterior inspection includes such items as body condition, doors, wipers, headlights and brake lights.
In the interior of your vehicle, your Mufflerman professional will inspect your seat belts, horn, steering wheel, warning indicators, among other items. Under the hood, The Mufflerman will inspect your battery, serpentine belt, hood latch, fluid levels and accelerator linkage.
The underbody inspection covers your brakes, tires, axles, exhaust, shocks, steering components and much more. Regular vehicle inspections are an important part of keeping your vehicle operating safely and at peak performance for the longest time possible. Call or visit your local Mufflerman today to schedule a safety inspection appointment. Click here to learn more about or Safety Service. 

Winter Tires can be the difference between making it out of your neighbourhood and working from home.

Winter is here, which means that the snow is beginning to come down, the roads are becoming icy, and driving is starting to become increasingly difficult.

To avoid unnecessary repairs, keep your car on the road, with your safety of utmost importance, follow these winter maintenance tips during the winter months.

Whether you're a homebody, or a pro road-tripper that travels across the country, we will have you road trip ready after reading this article.