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Summer Tires Guide: Key Info and Sale Details

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summer tires

Summer Tires Guide

Making sure your tires are in good working order is key to keeping you safe out there on the road – it could even prevent a tire-related crash. As the season changes (finally) from winter to spring and summer, it’s time to think about getting summer tires put on. And with inflation causing tire prices to rise by nearly 10% year-over-year, keep an eye out for a summer tires sale to help take some of that inflation edge off. 

In this piece, we’ll cover some commonly asked summer tire questions, including:

Can I Use Winter Tires In The Summer?

Winter tires are, as the name suggests, designed to be used in winter – and winter exclusively.

The materials that make up these tires are designed for cold, snowy conditions. Summer is known for heat and very arid, dry climates or even prolonged rain.

In other words, if you want to make sure that you’re safe when driving then you need the right tires for the season.

Summer tires are designed to meet the conditions you’re more likely to face in the hotter season. For instance, winter tires are actually not great when exposed to prolonged summer rain, showing in some tests to stop slower than summer tires. The same goes for dry asphalt.

The combination of the winter tire’s heavy block pattern and densely siped tread makes these tires more sluggish and weightier to steer. What that translates into is slower steering and less precise reaction to the driver’s movements.

The warmth can also wear away at your winter tires, causing them to deteriorate. These can be expensive to replace – oftentimes more expensive than non-winter tires. So using winter tires in summer is not only potentially more dangerous and less fun to drive, but can also impact your bank account.

When To Change To Summer TIres?

As a good rule of thumb, you generally want to swap out tires around 7 °C (46 °F). So when the temperature begins to drop below 7°C (46 °F), it’s time to change to winter tires. And when it rises above that threshold, you’re safe to bring back those summer tires.

When To Change To Summer Tires Ontario?

If you’re living in Ontario, that means you can generally swap your summer tires out for winter ones in November, and bring back summer tires in April.

Learn more about your vehicle from the experts at The Mufflerman – stay safe out there:

Where Can I Find Summer TIres For Sale?

With tires getting up there in price due to inflation and other causes, finding summer tires for sale is a great way to make sure you’re staying safe on the road without having to break the bank.

The good news is that The Mufflerman offers a variety of summer tire sale deals, so you can save on your new tires and make sure your car is road ready for the hotter months.

And if your car needs some love beyond tires? Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered. We offer a variety of car service deals, including:

How Much Do Summer Tires For Sale Cost?

When you buy summer tires, it’ll run you anywhere between $50 to $200 or so, depending on the type of tire.

If you’re looking for summer tires on sale, then The Mufflerman is your best bet. And we’ll be happy to fix anything else that’s been bothering you about your vehicle when you stop by.

We have locations spread across Ontario so you can get fast, affordable, and expert car care at your convenience:

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Buy and Get your summer tires installed at The Mufflerman

Buy Summer Tires at The Mufflerman and Save

When you buy summer tires at one of The Mufflerman tire repair shops, you can rest easy knowing that the tire is installed correctly and safely – and you’re getting a great summer tire deal.

Our teams are professional, experienced mechanics who know cars: tires, brakes, engines – every nut and bolt of your vehicle. We’ll find previously undiscovered issues that other mechanics might miss so you can nip it in the bud . . . before it becomes an expensive problem to deal with down the line. We explain all our work in detail and make sure to provide transparent billing so you don’t have to worry about extra or hidden charges.

Google ‘mechanic near me’, ‘auto shop near me’ ‘Tire service near me’, or ‘Mufflerman near me’ to find your nearest expert car mechanics.

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