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Vehicle Battery Repair Services: Without a Reliable Battery, You’re Not Going Anywhere!

That’s why we make sure there are no surprises when it comes to your vehicle’s battery and why we’re happy to test yours. Google ‘battery repair near me’ to find your nearest Mufflerman location.

Signs that your vehicle may need a new battery:

    • The engine cranks slowly or takes longer than normal to start.
    • The check engine light is on.
    • The battery fluid level is low.
    • The battery case is swelling
    • The battery is leaking.
    • The battery is more than five years old.

Your battery is a vital component of your vehicle: it provides power to several electrical components of your vehicle during start up and even when your vehicle isn’t running. It is also used to power accessories such as your lights and wipers.

At the Mufflerman, we only sell the highest quality batteries from leading brands, so you can rest assured that you’re getting a top-quality product to provide you the best value and longest battery life.

Our trained technicians can also perform vehicle battery repair services, along with other services, to keep your battery healthy for longer. Don’t wait until your battery dies – have the Mufflerman check your battery’s condition the next time you stop by.

Quick Self-Checks

If you experience battery trouble, here are some items you can inspect yourself before bringing in your vehicle.

  • Make sure your battery is secure. Vibration may loosen the battery or its cables.
  • Make sure the battery cables are tightly connected.
  • Make sure the connectors to the battery terminals are clean. Remove corrosion as needed.

Batteries FAQS

Normally it should last you three to five years, but it is dependent on how you drive, the weather, and some other factors.

You may not need a new battery, you could need a new alternator or you could have just left your lights on for a while, the battery died, and then you didn’t drive the car for a while. If you find that your car needs jumps a lot, it’s not a bad idea to avail yourself of our vehicle battery repair services. Remember: battery testing is free!

Not necessarily! Corrosion is very common and batteries should be cleaned and serviced regularly.

Our bet is on the alternator, but bring it in to us so that we can check for sure.

It could be a whole plethora of things, like the starter, a cable, or a locked-up engine. Bring it in and we will have a look for you.

Yes! It’s called a “voltage drop test” and we can do that for you at the Mufflerman. Google ‘battery repair near me’ for directions to your nearest location.

It is extremely rare, but it can happen. Regardless, extreme temperatures can shorten a battery’s life.

Typically, the car won’t start and none of the lights will come on. If you notice your car cranking slower than usual, it may be time to have it checked.