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Tire Repair Services: Your Car’s Tires Affect Its Ride, Handling, Traction and Safety

Tires are the critical connection between your car and the road in all sorts of driving conditions. If you’re concerned about the condition of your tires, bring your vehicle into the Mufflerman for our tire repair services.

Tips for tire repair services:

  • Check tire pressure at least once a month (and don’t forget the spare).
  • Rotation time also serves as a good opportunity to have the tires balanced. Unbalanced wheels can cause rapid wear of shock absorbers and struts, and wheel balance can change as a result of normal tire wear. 
  • On all-wheel drive vehicles, a difference of only ¼ between the outside circumference of the front and rear tires can cause extensive damage to the transfer case or center differential. Rotating the tires to keep their sizes equal is critical on these vehicles, and replacing all four tires at the same time, rather than just the front or rear tires, is highly recommended.

To maximize tire life and safety, check tire pressure and inflation pressure regularly and have the tires rotated and balanced. Tire replacement may be necessary if the tread depth is below the legal minimum requirement, or the sidewalls are severely cracked or punctured. In some cases, tread punctures cannot be repaired.

Tire Storage Available

The Mufflerman offers storage services for all of your seasonal tires, see one of our stores for details and prices.


You should check at least once a month, and don’t forget to check the spare, too.

You should really replace all four tires at once to keep wear consistent.

You should have the suspension and the balance of your tires looked at, something’s not right but we can help you figure it out.

If there’s uneven wear, cracking or bulging, anything poking into the tire, tread pulling away from the body of the tire, or worn treads that don’t pass the “penny test,” you should look into purchasing a new set.

Your tires may be over or under inflated. Take a look, and if that isn’t the problem, bring the car in to see us and we will help you out.

As long as the tire was repaired professionally and up to standards, you’re good to go.

Snow tires are manufactured to handle harsh winter weather better than all-weather tires. It is easier to drive on an incline, on ice, and to make unexpected stops. The decision to drive on all-weather tires is yours but we always recommend winter tires where possible.

Uneven tire wear happens when there is too much or too little pressure, there are alignment problems, balancing problems, or problems with the steering or suspension system. Let us have a look at the car before you replace your tires to make sure the next ones last longer. After all, we offer a wide variety of vehicle services in addition to our tire repair services.