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Wheel Bearing Services and
Wheel Bearing Replacement


Why Choose The Mufflerman for your Wheel Bearing Services?

Ever since we opened the doors of our first location in Sarnia in 1964, the Mufflerman has worked to earn the trust of vehicle owners in southern Ontario. That work has helped us expand to 12 locations across ten cities throughout the region. Wherever you’re located in southern Ontario, the Mufflerman can help when it comes time to seek wheel bearing services or any other form of automotive repair. Check out our Feedback and Testimonials page to learn more about how our team has delivered best-in-class auto repair services to customers from across the province.

Wheel bearing services at every location

Our experienced, professional technicians provide wheel bearing services at every location, from Chatham to Cambridge. We also provide a variety of other expert automotive repair services, including air conditioning services, battery services, alignment and steering services, safety inspections, and much more. Contact your Mufflerman location today to discuss your specific needs – search ‘wheel bearing services near me,’ ‘auto repair services near me,’ or ‘the Mufflerman’ on Google to find the location nearest you.

The noisy wheel gets the new hub bearing.

First, the source of your car’s noise needs to be correctly diagnosed. To do that, we’ll look for wear on your tires, brakes, tie rods and control arms to pinpoint the source of the trouble.

If it turns out it’s time to service your hub bearings, a qualified technician (like your local Mufflerman) will change out the worn components using a tool called a wheel bearing press.

Things to know about your Wheel Bearings

Signs and Symptoms that you might have a bad Wheel Bearing and needs replacement.

The wheels on the bus (and your vehicle) go ‘round and ‘round because they have bearings in the hub that enable the tire and rim to rotate smoothly at any speed. Trouble is, because they rotate the wheel bearings get slowly worn down over time. You’ll know it’s time to have them serviced when you start hearing loud howling noises coming from your hub bearing. And if you let the problem get worse, you might start to feel your vehicle shake a little at higher speeds. 

Car Maintenance Tips