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Is Brake Service Necessary? Expert Mechanic’s Guide

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brake service

Is Brake Service Necessary? An Expert Car Mechanic Answers

Driving with faulty brakes is just about the most dangerous thing a car driver can do. You don’t want to put your life or the lives of your loved ones at risk. So to keep them safe, you should make sure your brakes are regularly checked and changed. So is brake service necessary? That’s a resounding, absolute yes. 

To make things easier on you, we’ve put together a list of tips that will help let you know when it’s time to get those brakes looked at – or even replaced entirely. We’ll answer all sorts of auto brake repair questions, like ‘how much s on brake maintenance and the brake service cost.

should it cost to replace brake pads and rotors?’, ‘how often should brakes be replaced?’ and other question

And at the end, we’ll tell you how to find a good deal on those brake repairs and checkups.

How Often Should Brakes Be Replaced, Checked, or Serviced

Generally, you want to have someone look at your brakes every six to eight months, and you certainly don’t want to go more than a year without having an expert car mechanic take a look.

Tips on How Often Brakes Should Be Replaced

1. Odd Sounds When Breaking

If you’re hearing either squealing, screeching, or grinding noises, that’s your brakes’ version of a cry for help; they’re telling you that you need to get them serviced or replaced. 

Brake pads are often built with wear indicators, which is just a way of saying that the brakes will make a specific screeching and/or squealing sound – think metal grating on metal – to let you know that your brake pads are worn thin. It’s worth noting that heavy rains or other wet conditions can mimic this sound, so don’t panic when you first hear it. If it goes away after a few days, you’re all good. If it persists, then it’s time to take it to a car mechanic in your area. 

If you hear deep metallic grinding or growling noises, that means your brake pads have worn so thin that the backing plates are making contact with the discs or drums. This can cause serious damage to your braking system so it’s very important to seek out an auto repair shop to fix this before the damage gets out of control. 

2. Less than ¼ Inch Left of the Brake Pad

Brake pads are an important part of your braking system. Over time, however, they wear thin. You can visually inspect them to see if they’ve been worn down. To do this, check out the brake assembly holding the brake pads. Your brake pads will be compressed against your brake rotor. If the friction material on the pad or shoe is worn away to below a quarter of an inch then it’s time to get an inspection.

3. Indicator Lights Flashing

A lot of modern vehicles come equipped with self-reporting systems that help you know when to get your brakes checked. While not every indicator light is an emergency, if a light goes on in your car and stays there, it’s worth getting it checked. There are false positives (as in the light goes on but there isn’t actually a problem) but a quick stop to your local auto service shop will clear that up fast and put your mind at ease.

4. Slower to Stop

If you’re finding that you stop slower, this is a major red flag – it means your brake pads may have worn down completely or that brake fluid is low – probably due to a leak. No matter what the cause, you’re now experiencing performance issues which can put you at danger on the road. This will usually be accompanied by a warning light, but in any case, you have to take it into a car repair shop fast, otherwise, you could be in serious danger. 

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How Much Should It Cost to Replace Brake Pads and Rotors and Other Brake Service Cost FAQs

Prices vary, but you can expect to pay about $200 to $500 per axle, depending on where you go. Your real value will come from finding the right auto repair shop in your area that can help you get the services you need so your brakes will last longer before you have to get them replaced. 

There’s nothing more expensive than having to pay for the same job twice, after all, when it’s not done right the first time. Not to mention the dangers associated with using improperly installed brakes. So your brake service cost is influenced by how strong your brake maintenance team is.

To make things easier on you, The Mufflerman has positioned car service centers across Ontario so you can get access to fast, affordable, and expert car servicing. Just google ‘ brake service near me’ or visit your local shop: 

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Our teams are made up of qualified mechanics who can help you with all your service needs – brakes and all. We’re able to point out problems that other mechanics might miss so you can guarantee that your car is road ready. We explain all our work in detail and provide transparent billing – no extra or hidden charges. 

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